Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Welcome to the new year

The first blog on any post always seems to be awkward and stunted. How do you start something when you know no one will read it, this is the first jump into the blogging world; it's not possible to stand out from go. So I chose a rambling introduction. Let's just try hello!
So lets begin with my favorite blogs
A well know blog from a well known girl, Susanna Lau, she was brought up in North London and clearly the rich tapestry of culture and style had a good effect on her. Prints and patterns are the main focus of her fashion style and her blog is a haven of this. She documents her outfits and items she is sent, and records snippets of her life, her style is original and bold, love it.
Essentially Tavi Gevinson is the founder of the teenage blogging success, from early teens her blog was big and she hit front row of big shows, she inspired a generation to blog, now even thirteen year old Ophelia Horton is having a bash at it (and doing pretty damn well) inspired by Tavi and the rookie entourage. Now most of Tavi's her time is dominated by the online magazine she founded and now edits Rookie her occasional posts are still worth a look.
Run by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine, the beauty department is massive, an archive of tips for (mainly) hair and makeup. A squeaky clean (and a maybe even a little to perfect) website that you can easily spend hours on, though it may put your beauty habits to shame, it will change your life, even if it is in a very un-feminist way.

The center of all things whovian, if you like doctor who then I'd be surprised if you hadn't heard of this, they post promo photos, trailers, teasers, prequels and an eternity of fan art. Though much of the content is US based and most live things are on US time, this is a must, and if you don't like doctor who, you will soon.

Thanks for reading!

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