Thursday, 3 January 2013

Profile: Elle Fanning

Mary Elle Fanning, known as Elle Fanning, is the fresh faced 14 year old American actress who first acted as a tiny toddler in I am Sam, playing two year old Lucy. You probably first made note of her when she played 7 year old Kate in the curious case of Benjamin Button (she was a red head in this, and she did look much different from the blonde girl we see today). At first she was most well known as the younger sister of successful child actress Dakota Fanning; but she's now made a name for herself. She co-starred in Super 8 last year and is now the newest teen stylista on the block.
 I first stumbled upon Elle in her recent advertisements for Marc by Marc Jacobs, when I saw this blonde girl in ridiculously gorgeous clothes I Googled her and found dozens of fan sites and interviews, and was stunned by the fact that she wasn't the typical Hollywood child star, from what I've seen of her she actually seems pretty down to earth. Personally I think she's pretty damn cool, she's 14 and has the most amazing style, and even loves the virgin suicides. I'm not usually one for even slight fangirl-ing over blondes but this girl is my exception, who else could pull of the statue of liberty like this.

Look out for her latest film, Ginger and Rosa.
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